Everything we do, we do with passion – which is why we do it so well. We are at home on the street, on bridges and build­ings, and in corridors, tunnels, and shafts. On the road, we operate with con­veyor belts, cranes, and ex­cavat­ors, meas­uring tape and tables, passion and a great deal of ex­pertise.

Civil and structural engineering

Civil and structural engineering requires competent specialists and experience in the construction of complex concrete structures. We provide both. We operate in the following areas:

  • Retaining wall and power plant construction
  • Bridge construction
  • Dam construction
  • Gallery construction

Structures like these are designed for a long service life. This makes it even more important that the customer can rely on our robust craftsmanship. The interdisciplinary cooperation with planners and project managers yields the best results.

Impressive examples from this area include the Poya Bridge in Fribourg, the retaining wall on Lake Muttsee (Linth-Limmern power plant), and the Wankdorf traffic circle in Bern.


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