Injections and water­proofing

We stabilize under­ground con­struc­tion sites with sealing as well as cement-bound and chemical in­jections of gel, synthetic resin, or solid materials. We specialize in under­ground structures, foun­dation soils, and ex­cavations for which water perme­ability is an issue. We are also con­sulted when there is water ingress during tunnel con­struc­tion. We are other­wise called on when the following measures need to be taken:

  • Waterproofing injections to protect against water in under­ground structures
  • Lifting injections
  • Dam injections
  • Consolidation and sealing of geo­logical fault zones
  • Sealing of ex­cavations in ground­water
  • Consolidation in­jections to im­prove the load-bearing capacity of the subsoil
  • Application and installation of all types of water­proofing membranes
  • Liquid or spray­able sealing and coating
  • Frost and water­proofing protection
  • Special and direc­tional drilling
  • Digital in­jection mana­gement
  • Control and monitoring mana­gement
Our primary areas of operation are large-scale national and inter­national projects in tunnel and infra­structure con­struc­tion. Our ex­perience, special equip­ment, and tech­nologies ensure that we are well-equipped to take on all contracts. Our work in­cludes the in­jection campaign on the lower pressure gallery of the Ritom power plant re­novation project and the sealing work carried out in the new Gubrist Tunnel.

we have the expertise for your project:

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