we are Marti

We are Marti and we consist of more than 6,000 specialists and generalists. We were founded roughly 100 years ago in Bern, Switzerland. We now handle con­struc­tion projects all over Switzerland and abroad. Our best reference to date: satisfied customers.

Tief- & Strassenbau
Tief- & Strassenbau

Portrait: our journey

We started as a small family business in 1922, and Marti has grown over the decades. We now operate more than 80 Group compa­nies from every sector of the con­struc­tion industry. This is exactly what makes the Marti Group a competent partner for a wide range of con­struc­tion projects.

Thanks to the high degree of spe­cial­ization of our individual com­panies, we can effectively harness synergies and easily imple­ment both simple and highly complex con­struc­tion projects. From the first meeting to the hand­over to the building owner, our customers receive every­thing from a single source.

Whether it was the Bern train station back in 1958, the Felsenau­brücke bridge in 1972, CERN in 1980, or the Prime­tower in 2011 – we were there.


With our more than 80 sub­sidiaries, we are organized at the federal level, with all com­panies operating inde­pend­ently. Our central manage­ment’s objective is to foster synergies and leverage them in the best possible way. Here at the Marti Group, we also support all companies with the requisite specialists and handle over­arching management and coordination tasks.

We operate through­out Switzerland and abroad, for example in Germany, Austria, Canada, Norway, and China. This allows us to stay close to the projects and our customers, so we can respond quickly and without any compli­cations. Whether it’s small-­­scale renovations or projects involving a wide range of specialties, thanks to our organizational model, we are perfectly equipped to handle every­thing.