Water Treatment

Water is essential wher­ever con­struc­tion is being carried out. A variety of con­struc­tion activities and processes pollute some of the water used. Proper dis­posal of this con­struc­tion site waste­water requires de­watering and water treatment pro­cedures. We know this inside and out. Our pro­fes­sionals support cus­tomers in the following areas, from planning to im­plement­ation:

  • Service water supply
  • Pre­treatment of construction site waste­water for disposal into the public waste­water sewer system
  • Treatment of construction site waste­water for direct dis­charge into water bodies
  • Advanced treat­ment of con­struc­tion site waste­water from special con­struc­tion methods, such as injection or blasting
  • Treatment of special waste­water, such as washing water from cleaning vehicles and con­struc­tion machinery or from equip­ment for concrete production and transport
  • Open de­watering in ex­cavation
  • Groundwater lowering
  • Measurement and monitoring
  • System leasing

We bring a wealth of ex­perience to the table and can also tap into the net­work of suppliers we have developed over many years. We also support our customers during the operation of the in­stallations. From monitoring to training and consulting, we are there for you.


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