who we are

Marti is a lea­ding Swiss contrac­ting com­pa­­­­ny with nearly a cen­tury of his­to­ry and an inter­national reach. Marti has been involved in a wide range of buil­ding as well as trans­portation, hydro­power and other large and complex in­fra­struc­ture projects in Switzerland and abroad, as a prime contrac­tor, lead partner in multi­national joint ventures, specialist sub­contrac­tor and manu­fac­turer of tunneling equip­ment.

Marti is a family-owned group of con­struc­tion com­panies in Berne-Moosseedorf, Switzerland. The first Marti com­pany was esta­blished by Alfred Marti in 1922. Steady growth as of the 1940ies led to geo­graphi­cal expansion all over Switzerland and to a tech­nology-driven diversi­fication and spe­cial­ization. The most significant mile­stones include a cutting-edge mecha­nization of road con­struc­tion works in the late 1950ies and, in the 1980ies, the acqui­sition of pro­jects in foreign coun­tries, such as Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

Where we make a difference

BIM in Tunnel Construction, Digital Injection Management

BIM is the future of construction.

It is way of working, managing information in a team environment, enabling everyone to understand a building through the use of a digital model.

The digital model holds all the information needed to design, construct and maintain that building.

Project Tunnel Feuerbach, Stuttgart (GER)

Eppenberg Tunnel – Mixshield method

The Eppenberg is one of the traffic bottlenecks in the Swiss railway network. The consortium ARGE Marti Eppenberg, under the direction of Marti Tunnel, is building the approximately 2.6 km long tunnel.

After eleven months, in january 2019, the specialists of the Marti Eppenberg consortium have concreted the last part of the tunnel vault.

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Belchentunnel – hard rock & challenging logistics

Double-track tunnel between Hägendorf (SO) and Eptingen (BL) with a length of 3.177 m.

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