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Marti is a Swiss-based international con­tract­ing company with a century of history and extensive experience in various seg­ments such as tunneling, environ­mental tech­nology, civil works and foun­dations, conveyor systems and electrical engineering. An early adopter and pioneer in digi­tization and building information modelling (BIM), we are setting new standards when it comes to techno­logical innovation in the construc­tion sector.

Marti is a family-owned group of construction companies in Berne, Switzerland. The first Marti com­pany was established by Alfred Marti in 1922. Steady growth led to geographical expansion all over Switzerland and Europe and to a technology-­driven diversification and specialization. Our many years of experience and the versatility of more than 6,000 specialists and generalists in the Marti Group enable us to carry out demanding construction projects in Switzerland and abroad safely and efficiently.

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BIM in Tunnel Construction, Digital Injection Management

BIM is the future of construction.

It is way of working, managing information in a team environment, enabling everyone to understand a building through the use of a digital model.

The digital model holds all the information needed to design, construct and maintain that building.

Project Tunnel Feuerbach, Stuttgart (GER)

Lindane remediation of the STEIH site Huningue

In 2020 the lindane remediation of the 50'000m² STEIH site in Hüningen, France was completed by Marti Infra after 6 years of construction. A total of 682'000 t of contaminated soil was excavated and recycled. Part of the soil material was cleaned on site, the rest was transported by truck or ship to the recycling plants.

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Loetschberg Summit Tunnel – Installation of the slab track during operation

Following the Ceneri base tunnel, the Marti Group is also installing a slab track in the Loetschberg summit tunnel. The system is suitable for higher train speeds, is cheaper to maintain and has a service life around one and a half times longer than conventional ballasted tracks. The renovation of the Loetschberg summit tunnel is carried out while the system is in operation, i.e. while work is being carried out on one track, railroad operations will continue on the other.

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