As a company with over 6,000 employees, we take respons­ibility, for both the environ­ment and our fellow human beings. We take this respons­ibility to heart.

Tief- & Strassenbau
Tief- & Strassenbau
our approach

our approach

Business Ethics

The long-term success of our business guarantees our em­ploy­ees a steady income. Both our internal and external stake­holders can count on us as a company to act in a fair, sustainable, quality-oriented manner.

We prioritize good work at all stages of the value chain. This also includes finding the most cost-effective solution for our customers. As a construction company that handles all work stages thanks to specialized firms, we maintain control over a project, and can plan efficiently and cost-effectively right from the start.

Quality Management

We keep a close eye on all develop­ments. Whether it’s changing environ­mental or safety require­ments, new perfor­mance standards, or potential financial risks, we take a proactive approach.

We also focus on facts rather than speculation, and assess all running projects according to the worst-case principle. We do not report any profits until the project has been success­fully completed. We reject corruption, bribery, and anti­competitive behavior.

Added Value

We give economic incentives for increased resource efficiency and durability.
We exchange information with suppliers and service providers on a regular basis to ensure that all our collaborative processes are as sustainable as possible.

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