As a company with over 6,000 employees, we take respons­ibility, for both the environ­ment and our fellow human beings. We take this respons­ibility to heart.

Tief- & Strassenbau
Tief- & Strassenbau



Natural resources are becoming harder to obtain, and awareness of this circumstance influences our actions. We are therefore making responsible use of raw materials and systematically reducing our fossil fuel consumption. We are avoiding waste where possible, promoting the recycling of existing building materials, and reducing our CO₂ emissions.


On the basis of proactive planning, we manufacture durable and efficient products. Wherever possible, we recycle construction materials. We invest in research and development to continually improve the circular economy and the potential for carbon capture in construction materials.


We advocate low-emission vehicles and e-mobility. We are already using the first hybrid excavators and fully electric-powered machines on our construction sites. Our pas­sen­ger vehicles are gradually being replaced by models with electric motors or hybrid drive systems.

We build with the lowest possible carbon turnover and rely on renewable raw materials and energy sources. With this in mind, we regularly review and adapt our investment strategy and goals. All of these efforts are having a noticeable effect, with the mobility-related CO₂ emissions of our vehicles having steadily decreased in recent years.


Our areas of expertise include remediation of sites that are contaminated with pollutants, and several of our companies have specialized knowledge in the field of wastewater treatment. On this basis we use modern systems to treat dirty water on our own construction sites and for external clients.

We plan, build, and manage properties in an energy-efficient manner that conserves resources. In doing so, we take care to have the buildings we construct certified on the widest-possible basis.