As a company with over 6,000 employees, we take respons­ibility, for both the environ­ment and our fellow human beings. We take this respons­ibility to heart.

Tief- & Strassenbau
Tief- & Strassenbau


Our Social Responsibility

Our employees embody Marti. Together, we are the foundation for a forward-looking corporate culture. We have to take into con­sidera­tion different opinions, experiences, and approaches to solutions. That is why we promote the diversity and integration of our employees.

Our top priority is the health and safety of our employees. For example, we have created a central office to support our various companies in developing and imple­menting health and safety protection.

Corporate Culture

We talk to each other, proactively and across levels, while main­taining short decision-making paths and commu­nicating in a timely, transparent manner.

Our code of ethics is the foundation for our success. We welcome every­one – we also offer jobs to people who are struggling to reenter the workforce on their own.

Health and Safety

The construction industry operates with large and heavy equipment. Adequate safety pre­cautions are necessary to prevent accidents. Our engineers work with manu­facturers to continuously improve occupational safety and adjust safety standards as required. They also train our employees.

We, as a Group, are always launching campaigns and training courses to raise safety aware­ness. We analyze accidents and near-accidents on a continuous basis and update pre­cautions accordingly.

Education and Training

Our employees are our most valuable asset. We offer all interested parties the opportunity to develop their skills further with a broad range of training and continuing education programs.

As a large corporation, we see it as our respons­ibility to develop the next generation of employees. Since the very beginning, we have therefore prioritized the training of young specialists. This is how we secure both their future and our own. We focus on both professional and social skills. We bring together young people from different regions in our annual camp for apprentices and let them work together to complete a challenging construction project.

We offer students the opportunity to complete an internship during their studies. Graduates can put their know­ledge into practice with a job at Marti. You can find more about this on our #martifuture website.