ZSC Swiss Life Arena
ZSC Swiss Life Arena

ZSC Swiss Life Arena

The home of the ZSC Lions, and a flag­ship project of Marti AG Zurich, the Swiss Life Arena is a stunning building that never fails to catch the eye.

Situated between the Altstetten train station and the A1 freeway, the Swiss Life Arena is reaching its final form. The multi­functional arena offers space for a variety of events – first and fore­most, the home games of the ZSC Lions – on a sur­face area covering around 28,000 m².

We teamed up with a number of com­panies to play a key role in the con­struc­tion process. The inner building lining is still en­circled by cranes, scaffolding, machines, and building materials, but it will soon be com­pleted. It is also ready to be handed over to the building owner.

A Special Challenge

The pro­duction of the exposed concrete facades presented a major challenge. White, large, high facades do not tolerate any mistakes.

“Chances are you’ll only en­counter such a chal­len­ging and com­plex pro­ject once in a life­time.”
Marcel Lappert,
Project Manager, Marti Zürich AG

The north base building contains another structural high­light: The training field on the first floor is as big as the original playing field. It is also equipped with a small grand­stand, which makes it ideal for games played by the junior team.

Since the ceiling above cannot be con­vention­ally supported by piers, an old con­struc­tion technique was adopted after in­tensive research work. Instead of being supported from below, a concrete truss supports it from above.

A project that really shines through and requires a great deal of technical ex­pertise.

On 18 October 2022, the ZSC Lions now played the first ice hockey match in their new lions' cage. We wish a great first season with lots of thrilling fair play.

Hard Facts

  • The building is 170 m long, 110 m wide, and up to 33 m high
  • South base building: parking garage with 370 parking spaces, spectator terrace, catering, rental space for third-party use
  • North base building: dressing rooms, production facilities, technical and administrative rooms, training ice rink, business club, lodges, and rooms for media coverage

the stakeholders include