Tunnel de Champel
Tunnel de Champel

Tunnel de Champel

Carouge (Geneva), Schweiz

The Tunnel de Champel is part of the new CEVA rail link con­necti­ng Geneva’s main Cornavin station with the Annemasse region in France. The two-lane rail tunnel runs just a few meters below the heavily developed urban neigh­bor­hood of Plateau de Champel. Due to the additional challenging geo­logy caused by glacial de­posits, the rock also had to be stabilized with pipe arch protection during the con­struc­tion period.


République et Canton de Genève/SBB Schweizerische Bundesbahnen


Marti Tunnel AG
Marti Technik AG
Marti Construction SA - Genève

Construction period

2012 – 2018


Facts & Figures

special features

  • Urban tunnel excavation with pipe umbrella screen and jetting
  • Face support with glass fibre anchors
Tunnel length

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